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Whether you look for cash prizes, camera equipment, or having your work exhibited, photography contests are a great way to test your skills as a photographer. Most competitions publish early entries and finalist's photographs, aside of winner's galleries, so having your images posted on a photo contest website can give you valuable exposure whether you win or not. We've pulled together a selection of 150+ photography competitions in 2024, from free to paid photography awards, so you can decide what photo contest meets your needs.

ENDS 01/01/24
Simply submit your work today for a chance to win $2,000, and thousands more in PR and marketing support!
ENDS 01/04/24
Contemporary Art Room Gallery is proud to announce their 6th “Colors” Online Art Competition for the month of January 2024.
ENDS 01/05/24
For young passionate photographers aged under 19 years-old, first prize is top Sony digital imaging equipment
ENDS 01/05/24
Rewarding the best single images! Enter for free and you could win $5,000, top Sony digital imaging equipment plus more!
ENDS 01/05/24
The Aperture Portfolio Prize aims to identify trends in contemporary photography and highlight artists whose work deserves greater recognition.
ENDS 01/05/24
We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming exhibition in Berlin!
ENDS 01/07/24
Minimalism or the absence of distractions from shadows, light and often a single subject, line or emotion is also the core of every photograph we take where instead of being subtle and undefined it becomes the dramatic force of the image.
ENDS 01/08/24
The Grand Prize winner will receive the Leica Q3 camera and a voucher worth 1,000 € for lens.
ENDS 01/09/24
ENDS 01/10/24
The second collaborative book will again unite photojournalists to present their first hand testimony about the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the perspective of those tasked with documenting it.
ENDS 01/10/24
Perspective Gallery is pleased to announce our eighth annual juried exhibition of photography, LENS 2024
ENDS 01/11/24
The annual photo contest rewards photographers for the best single exposure pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism.
ENDS 01/12/24
Rewarding the best photo series worldwide! Enter for free and you could win $25,000, a range of Sony digital imaging equipment plus more!
ENDS 01/12/24
Each exhibition will have 24 photographs selected by the juror for exhibiton at the gallery.
ENDS 01/15/24
Submit your best work to our photo competition for a chance to win up to $11,500 in cash prizes, be selected by our curators for the PX3 exhibition in Paris and inclusion in the Annual PX3 book.
ENDS 01/15/24
The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), a renowned organization known for its global footprint in the photo and imaging domain, is launching its premier photo contest for 2023, aptly named "Picture This! Camera Shots."
ENDS 01/15/24
The Europhotometeo 2024 photography competition is administered by the EMS in collaboration with the Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME)
ENDS 01/15/24
We encourage both professional and non-professional photographers to submit your work to the Social Documentary Network website.
ENDS 01/15/24
SDN will award one photographer the ZEKE Award for Documentary Photography and a $2,500 honorarium
ENDS 01/17/24
We are glad to share the news that Anadolu Agency’s international news photography contest Istanbul Photo Awards to be held for 10th time.
ENDS 01/20/24
Filter Photo is pleased to announce Context 2024, our tenth annual spring open call for photography-based work.
ENDS 01/21/24
MonoVisions Photography Awards are an international open call for photographers using black and white medium to express their visual language.
ENDS 01/22/24
The First Prize will receive €2,500 and a trophy. The runner-up will receive the Hotusa Group Prize, valued at €1,000, and a trophy.
ENDS 01/28/24
The Prix Elysée is open to mid-career photographers or artists from around the world. They must be recommended by a reputed professional in the fields of photography, contemporary art, cinema, fashion, journalism or publishing.
ENDS 01/29/24
Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. April 2024
ENDS 01/30/24
Every month we will choose 3 artists to win $100 cash, a published interview with our Art Director & Founder Chantal Boynes
ENDS 01/31/24
Artist must have a cohesive body of work
ENDS 01/31/24
The IPA recognizes photography’s leading talents who are creating, shaping and defining the world of photography today.
ENDS 01/31/24
The Dummy Award is an international competition for the best unpublished photobook dummy of the year.
ENDS 02/04/24
Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year is an international contest inspired by the proliferation of wonderful food photography in a huge variety of applications.
ENDS 02/11/24
Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author's deep sensitivity, a need to express feelings through image.
ENDS 02/14/24
Win Free accommodation for 3 nights with breakfast, for two people in Fira – Santorini at the Hotel Atlantis.
ENDS 02/23/24
The biennial Belfast Photo Festival provided the perfect platform for gaining exposure to an international audience, with previous editions having welcome over 100,000 visitors from all over the world
ENDS 02/28/24
Moments Collective's exhibition will run for 3 weeks and will include all necessary elements for their execution.
ENDS 02/28/24
We accept up to four entries per participant each quarterly, awarding ribbons, medals, and trophies to our coveted category and subcategory winners.
ENDS 02/28/24
The Photo Week Awards, an international nature photography contest that will distribute more than 5,000 euros in prizes.
ENDS 03/01/24
BigPicture encourages photographers from around the world to contribute their work to this competition that will both celebrate and illustrate the rich diversity of life on Earth and inspire action to protect and conserve it through the power of imagery.
ENDS 03/15/24
Enter one of the most prestigious competitions for creativity in photography, the Communication Arts Photography Competition.
ENDS 04/06/24
Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. June 2024
ENDS 04/26/24
We at Earth.Org strongly believes that photography and imagery has the power to inspire, educate and galvanise action into protecting and preserving our home and planet.
ENDS 04/30/24
Nikon’s Small World is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. The Photomicrography Competition is open to anyone with an interest in microscopy and photography.
ENDS 05/09/24
Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. July 2024
ENDS 05/31/24
The submission of photos for the specific contest is free. Each photographer can participate with up to 5 files.
ENDS 05/31/24
Online Exhibition Publication August 2024
ENDS 09/22/24
Choose your best work, upload photos and give yourself a chance to compete for prestige, fame and more than $ 7,500 in monetary award!
ENDS 10/02/24
The Center for Photographic Art (CPA) is excited to announce the 2023 International Juried Exhibition with $5,000 in awards!